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The flavors of summer are calling.

What flavor comes to mind when you think of summer? Maybe it’s the refreshing tartness of a glass of lemonade. Or perhaps it’s the bursting freshness of ripe fruits and berries. Now imagine these flavors dialed up in indulgently luscious desserts, and you’ve got even more reason to look forward to warmer weather. Sweet Street helps you celebrate the season with treats that go hand-in-hand with rising mercury. Our Summerberry Stack is a natural place to start. It features bright berries strewn across citrus-flecked cake aswirl with cool, tart key lime pie and creamy white chocolate mousse. And what would go better poolside than a piece of Piña Colada Cake?
Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande

Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande

Sweet Street Bandes are also ideal for carefree summer days. Our Minted Lemonade Bande features an exotic Meyer lemon curd with a sprightly lemon mousseline. Our Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande tempts with an intoxicating compote of sweet vine-ripened blackberries mellowed with California cabernet. And our Strawberry Vanilla Bean Basil Bande delights with crème brulée mousse, bright strawberry compote and a savory touch of our basil glaze. Speaking of savory, don’t forget that summertime can also be a great time for heartier fare—particularly with Father’s Day coming in June. Our Black Angus Hot Dog Handcrafted Pretzel pays homage to a staple of the ballpark. And our pre-proofed Classic Butter Croissant or Multigrain Croissant is the perfect way to begin a full-flavored sandwich. Top it all off with the pièce de résistance of decadent desserts, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cups, and the living is decidedly delicious in the summertime.   The REESE’S trademark is used under license. The post The flavors of summer are calling. appeared first on Sweet Street Blog.

Bandes by Sweet Street offer handcrafted elegance in a simple, contemporary format.

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Today, customers are explorers looking for new combinations while treasuring the traditional. The newest dessert line from Sweet Street, Bandes, offer an excitingly versatile canvas to inspire your chef-d’oeuvre and for your guests and unfolding indulgent experience to be treasured. Every flavor profile passionately perfected and heightened with unexpected textures. Every Bande skillfully crafted for stunning presentation and operational ease. We have layered excitingly unexpected bold and contemporary flavors from strawberry vanilla bean accented with savory basil, to rich blackberry Greek yogurt complemented with California Cabernet while reinventing chocolate nostalgia with the deepest single-origin Peruvian chocolate. All pair with the textural delights of crunchy roasted and candied hazelnuts, a peanut butter crisp, moist cakes and chewy caramel for elegant simplicity your guests will crave. Uniquely crafted to inspire creativity, you can dress up these Bandes as a signature dessert reflective of your restaurant or plate as-is for a chic, distinctive indulgence to be enjoyed throughout the day. Flexible format to increase profitability and enhance usability. Slice to perfect to your restaurants desired price points and to offer an array of options adaptable for any occasion your guests may be celebrating. View our suggested cutting guide for an array of options. Bande of Beauties Brochure
Bandes by Sweet Street

Unique ingredients create memorable moments and on-trend flavor.

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Sweet Street takes custard from throwback to thrilling.

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Custard is first found in ancient Roman Empire cookbooks, some say because it was the first time chickens were kept for laying eggs, and the abundance led to experimentation and ideas borrowed from the Greeks’ cooking knowledge. At its advent, custard was considered a health food, according to Platina’s De Honesta Voluptate, published in 1475. Medieval cooks appreciated its soft texture and simple ingredients (egg, milk and flavoring) for both health and “right pleasure.” A comfort food has emotional connections, providing “a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it,” says Wikipedia. Custard is a comfort food that truly reflects its moniker, spooned by mothers to their children and given to many babies as their first solid food. ProChef SmartBrief reports from The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, “We all should embrace the joys and affections we have with our own personal favorites because they’re good for body and soul.” So imagine how exciting it is to take a traditional comfort food, already beloved, and turn it into an unexpected ingredient in fabulous desserts. Sweet Street has done so with custard, fully embracing the trend of “traditional with a twist.” Custard appears as a silken layer in Sweet Street’s Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake, offering drama between a salted caramel crunch layer and a sexy caramel finish in this craveable cake. Several of Sweet Street’s cheesecakes go refined, richer, yet lighter with crème brulée custard, luscious with egg yolks and fresh whipping cream, folded into the batter. This innovation is part of the appeal of Strawberry Brulée Cheesecake, Créme Brulée Cheese, Vanilla Bean Brulée Individual Cheese—each hand-fired for a chef-like finish—and Strawberry Cream Cheesecake, which combines bright, just-picked fruit with custard-infused cheesecake. Velvety cream custard is the center of Sweet Street’s beautiful cream puffs, the Puff Daddies of the industry. Our Chocolate Ganache Vanilla Cream Puff is a happening for the mouth—all flavor, texure and sensation. Filled with vanilla bean-infused custard cream and topped with milk chocolate ganache and crispy chocolate pearls, it’s irresistible. Our Salted Caramel Cream Puff is filled with caramelized sugar custard, topped with salted caramel and finished with a sprinkle of candied and salted, toasted almonds. Sweet Street has taken loveable custard to new levels, creating magnificent desserts sure to draw in customers seeking the comfort connection with a twist. Welcome to luscious.®
Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake

Salted caramel perfection! Crave upon crave. Our supernaturally light, but buttery, vanilla-flecked pudding cake holds waves of rich caramel cake. Drama builds with a salted caramel crunch layer, a creamy custard layer and a sexy caramel finish.

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Creativity drives excitement on the dessert menu

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Today’s consumers are foodies. They like traditional desserts, but they love “traditional with a twist.” They like the flavors that harken back to childhood, but they adore an unexpected ingredient that introduces a new flavor or texture. They like a dessert they know will be good, but they revel in a surprise. “They know more about food than consumers ever did in the past. They are more adventurous, millennials particularly,” says Laura McGuire, senior manager of Technomic, Inc. In the exacting and exuberant process of developing our desserts, Sweet Street has earned 15 patents in design. Our R&D staff, led by founder and CEO Sandy Solmon, puts together creative concepts every day, the best of which turn into innovative flavor and texture combinations.  While many are familiar with the Chocolate Molten Cake that has been a favorite for a couple of years, the Turtle Molten Bundt Cake from Sweet Street puts a pecan-covered twist on it. Modeled after the popular candy, it’s filled with a buttery-luscious caramel center that oozes deliciously when warmed. Our Sweet & Salty Blondie Bites, stuffed with both butterscotch and chocolate chips, walnuts and coconut, are set apart with an unexpected ingredient—old-fashioned, kettle-fried potato chips—for a uniquely textured craveable. The one-inch square size of all four Sweet Street Bites are making exciting inroads as snacks in bars, garnish on ice cream, adorable skewered desserts and other sharable indulgences. Salted caramel is a beautiful flavor that has come into its own in the past couple of years. Sweet Street has employed its popularity in our Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake that has a salted caramel crunch layer, a creamy custard layer and a sexy caramel finish, a creative combination of textures. Salted caramel has proven so popular, we’ve used it to make extremely tempting bruléed cheesecake, cheesecake individuals, cupcakes and cream puffs that have excited the marketplace. Our recently debuted collection of Cheesecake Individuals introduced new ingredients and flavor combos, including Yuzu Lime, Goat Cheese with Thyme Honey and Blackberry Cabernet. Blackberry is the flavor of the year according to flavor predictor Firmenich, and it mixes wonderfully with a fruity, floral California Cabernet for a wine and cheese tasting in one personal, yet sharable dessert.  
Salted caramel perfection!

Salted caramel perfection realized with a salted caramel crunch layer, a creamy custard layer and sexy caramel finish.

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