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Ripe for the picking: explore decadent fruit desserts from Sweet Street

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A leisurely stroll through the produce aisle at the grocery store is a sensory experience unlike any other. Bright colors. Fresh aromas. And the allure of flavors that range from tangy, to tart to sweet. That’s the refreshingly fundamental goodness of fruit. No wonder why fruits of all varieties are such a popular choice to feature in desserts. The fact is, in the hands of an inspired chef, zesty fruit flavors are dialed to the nines and bursting with freshness. And when paired with traditional dessert ingredients that are rich, creamy and buttery, the combination becomes simple irresistible. The appeal of desserts that include fruits and other “non chocolate” ingredients continues to grow, according to QSR Magazine. These innovative offerings can help give operators an edge through their dessert menu. With spring in the air, and a bounty of fresh fruits available for the picking, now is the perfect time to explore all of the luscious fruit desserts offered by Sweet Street. A great way to begin is with the tropical allure of our Caramelized Pineapple Coconut Bande. It features moist coconut cake cradling a layer of caramelized pineapple and salted caramel. Paradise found! And blackberry lovers will delight in our Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande, featuring the creamy tartness of Greek yogurt mousse ribboned with an intoxicating compote of sweet vine-ripened blackberries mellowed with California cabernet. The possibilities continue with our Peachberry Crumble, with a refreshing peach blueberry compote sitting atop a moist lemon semolina cake ribboned with tart lemon curd. And what exploration would be complete without perhaps the most iconic dessert fruit of them all: the strawberry. Our Strawberry Vanilla Bean Basil Bande is a delightful combination of crème brulée mousse, bright strawberry compote and an unexpected savory touch of our contemporary basil glaze.
Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande

Greek Yogurt Blackberry Bande

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