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Takeout Solutions: Individually Wrapped Loaf Cakes

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This past year has proven quite the challenge in adapting to our consumer needs. Our baked goods have always managed to bring richness and delight to menus across the country, but we’ve found there’s a more immediate need for solutions that are safe, easy to execute AND readily available. Our prepackaged desserts and food service to-go packaging resources have provided solutions. We’re here to announce our extension of individually wrapped Pullmans.

Consumers Demand Safety

Marble Chocolate Chip Pullman Product ImageToday’s climate has increased consumer food needs for safe packaging and labor-cutting products. Consumers have been screaming for versatile products that can be enjoyed on the go, without sacrificing wholesome ingredients. Since 2012, the demand for non-GMO snacks has risen 18.2%. At c-stores, 33% of consumers say they plan to purchase healthy items and 44.2% are willing to pay premium prices for those products. Operators need cross-functional products that cover all day-parts and eliminate waste. Enter Individually Wrapped Manifesto Pullmans. Our artisan loaf cakes use fresh and sustainable ingredients preserving the same indulgent taste found in the rest of our Manifesto line, packed up and ready to go wherever you go. They’re the perfect contact-less option that works great for take out or delivery, as grab-and-go options for c-stores, for catering, or as part of a bakery case display.

Banana Yogurt Swirl Manifesto Pullman product image


At Sweet Street, we’ve taken our passion to bake cleaner, more wholesome desserts to a new level with our Manifesto® line of cookies, bars and individually wrapped treats. Every batch of these Pullman loaves starts with all-butter, pure-cane-sugar and cage-free-eggs and promises ingredients that are GMO free, additive free and sustainable. In removing additives and GMO ingredients, the flavor of each Pullman has the chance to shine. Wholesome decadence meets grab-n-go goodness.


Ingredients that Care

Our individually wrapped artisan loaf cakes are abundant with fresh ingredients in their purest form; hand-pureed ripened bananas, the natural sweetness of sustainably grown chocolates, the sweet spice of Saigon cinnamon or the brightness of lemon. They’re free from GMO’s and all things artificial; additives, colors and flavor. Click here to learn more about our sustainable sourcing and ingredient initiatives.

Lemon Pullman Slice ImageLemon Pullman Manifesto® IW

A light, buttery lemon loaf cake made with pure creamy butter, for rich flavor, cage-free eggs and pure cane sugar.


Banana Yogurt Swirl Pullman Slice PictureBanana Yogurt Swirl Pullman Manifesto® IW

A moist, comforting loaf cake blended with freshly pureed ripened banana, pure creamery butter, cafe-free eggs and pure cane sugar. Swirled with the tangy coolness of low-fat yogurt and flecked with aromatic, sweet Saigon Cinnamon then showered with the natural goodness of toasted, rolled oats.


Cinnamon Swirl Pullman Slice ImageCinnamon Streusel Pullman Manifesto® IW

Sings of melt-in-your-mouth comfort.  Buttery, vanilla pound cake strewn throughout with sweetly, rich Saigon Cinnamon and chopped walnuts, made with pure creamery butter, cage-free eggs and pure cane sugar.


Marble Chocolate Chip Pullman Slice ImageChocolate Marble Pullman Manifesto® IW

A scrumptious vanilla and chocolate pound cake melded with pure-creamery-buttery-goodness, scattered generously throughout with the sweetness of sustainably sourced chocolate chips. Blended with only cage-free eggs and pure cane sugar.


With a 10 day ambient shelf-life, you can offer an always fresh, on-the-go breakfast, afternoon pick-me-up or late night, better-for-you indulgence. Ideal for boxed meals, catered events, coffee and snack kiosks, elevating your c-store offering or as a pre-portioned and contact-less, signature menu item. Their thaw and serve function make Pullman IW’s an ideal option in operator’s efforts to eliminate waste.

Assorted Individually Wrapped Pullman Slice ImagesIndividually wrapped treats with the same indulgent taste as our Manifesto bars and cookies ready to go for c-stores and catering. Local healthcare and senior living patients and employees can rejoice when they find new Pullman IW’s bundled with their morning coffee or with their lunch/dinner meals. These tasty cakes are perfect for in-home care delivery. Our local Meals on Wheels has already jumped on the bandwagon. Retailers can place them in kiosks, delis, or supermarkets. Whatever your segment, whatever your day-part needs, Pullman Manifesto IW’s answer the unmet wants and needs of today’s convenience consumers with a clean label of natural ingredients and a consideration for where those ingredients come from.

Pullman IW’s are in national distribution, can be found at DOT and they’re available for direct purchase on our DSD site. Contact us today to order your first shipment, so your customers can sing the delicious song of goodness on the go!

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Sweet gets savory—salty, sweet and lusciously good to eat.

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The phenomenon of opposites attracting is never more evident than when salty and sweet get together. The irresistible combination has been interpreted in various dessert offerings for years—most notably in the form of salted caramel, which was developed by a French pastry chef in the early 1980’s. In recent years, the popularity of salted caramel has skyrocketed. Research from CCD Innovation indicates that the incidence of salted caramel desserts on menus has increased 675% from 2010 to 2014. We at Sweet Street have done our own luscious explorations of salty and sweet dessert offerings, many of which begin with salted caramel. Our Salted Caramel Individual Cheese is a classic dessert favorite that appeals to patrons. Plus, its convenient serving format makes it a great choice for picnics, pool parties and other summer gatherings.
For our caramel, we cook sugar until dark amber, then we stir in fresh whipping cream and butter. It's blended into the graham crumb crust, folded into a layer of the cheesecake batter and then salted and dolloped on top. Bruleed for a golden caramelized edge.

For our caramel, we cook sugar until dark amber, then we stir in fresh whipping cream and butter. It’s blended into the graham crumb crust, folded into a layer of the cheesecake batter and then salted and dolloped on top. Bruleed for a golden caramelized edge.

Another savory treat that’s perfect both for restaurant patrons and on-the-go customers is our Salted Caramel Crunch Skillet Cookie. It’s hand-mixed with browned butter, white chocolate pretzel bites, sea salt and HEATH® toffee pieces for a taste that’s simply out of this world. Of course, the possibilities go beyond salted caramel as well. Our Sweet & Salty Blondie Bites are stuffed with butterscotch and chocolate chips, walnut pieces and shredded coconut. They get their savory kick from an unexpected source: kettle-fried potato chips. And for the full-on savory experience, explore our line of handcrafted pretzels. The appeal of salty sweet desserts is certainly far reaching. But it’s still a good idea to offer a variety of flavor profiles to satisfy every patron taste. With summer in full swing, why not try our Summerberry Stack®? It features bright berries strewn across citrus-flecked cake for a cool, tart treat.
 The HEATH trademark is used under license.
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