Non-Commercial Demands Quality

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In the dynamic landscape of commercial markets, Sweet Street Desserts seamlessly integrates as a versatile and delectable choice. As positive trends continue shaping non-commercial operations, the morning meal daypart takes center stage, constituting a substantial portion of food service visits. 

Similar to the narrative in commercial restaurants, non-commercial visits are increasingly influenced by food-based factors, emphasizing the importance of cravings, food quality, and variety. In this landscape, Sweet Street shines as a solution that not only meets but exceeds these expectations. As digital technology transforms the foodservice industry, the focus shifts from convenient locations to the core of experience — the food. 

In a time when non-commercial visits are influenced by cravings, a quest for top-notch food quality, and a longing for variety, Sweet Street stands out as the ultimate solution. Consumers demand high-quality, fresh, and flavorful foods, and our offerings perfectly match these culinary desires. Whether featured in bakeries, catering events, micro markets, or on digital menus, our Manifesto Individually Wrapped products are tailored to meet these evolving preferences.  

  • Efficiency: The convenience of no-to-minimal labor. Ensuing a streamlined operation, freeing up time for other essential tasks. 
  • Sustainability: Zero waste with individually wrapped treats, ensuring that each bite is as fresh and delightful as the first. 
  • Versatility: Suitable for all dayparts, from morning to late night cravings. 
  • Flexibility: Cross-utilize throughout your property effortlessly, creating a consistent and satisfying culinary journey for your guests. 
  • Mindful Health Selections: What sets us apart is our dedication to better-for-you ingredients, creating desserts that not tantalize taste buds, but also align with the growing demand for high-quality, fresh and free-from options.  

Our commitment to excellence ensures that everyone keeps coming back for more. With a keen understanding of the dynamic non-commercial foodservice markets, including bakeries, catering events, micro markets, and digital menus, our products emerge as the perfect solution for customers seeking a blend of convenience, quality, and exceptional taste. Whether it’s the efficiency of Individually Wrapped cookies, bars and scones or the enticing flavors of our Manifesto® Savory XANGOS, Sweet Street ensures that every bite is a moment of pure delight, catering to the cravings and preferences of our discerning customers.

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Senior Living Solutions

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Embark on a journey of senior living solutions that are designed to infuse every moment with a sense of warmth and fullness. At Sweet Street, we understand that luscious, crave-worthy comforts are key to igniting happiness and togetherness, especially in the senior living community. 

According to Nova One Advisor, it states that in 2022, the market size of the U.S. Active Adult (55+) Community was approximated at USD $589.60 billion. It is projected to exceed USD $875.27 billion by 2032, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.03% for the period from 2023 to 2032.

Embracing life to its fullest: Innovative Industry Solutions

In the realm of innovative industry solutions, a new area of senior living has emerged redefining the way residents experience their golden years. Active lifestyles, social events and “better-for-me” choices are centric to the 55+ community. 

At Sweet Street, we recognize the power of luscious, crave-worthy comforts. Our desserts serve as a perfect companion for every milestone and everyday joy, creating an atmosphere where residents and their guests can savor life to the fullest. But the benefits extend beyond taste:

Memories through Desserts

In senior living communities, it’s the experience and memories that take center stage. These moments of togetherness and joy form the heart and soul of these communities. This is where Sweet Street desserts come into play, ensuring that every shared experience is not just special but also incredibly delicious. 

Our Honduran Brownie, a beloved favorite, showcases our dedication to crafting desserts that cater to a range of tastes and occasions. Residents can enjoy it in various ways; As a simple, bite-sized treat perfect for casual conversations, a brownie bowl that allows residents to customize their dessert with a variety of toppings, or individually wrapped options for those on the move. 

For those with a taste for more fruitful, delightful option, our Vegan Banana Cake offers a versatile and wholesome choice. Whether it’s for a quick personal indulgence or a group celebration, the Vegan Banana cake is tailored to meet the diverse dessert preferences and needs of the senior living community ensuring that every bite is as delightful as the next. 

At Sweet Street, we recognize that each dessert holds the power to create cherished memories.  With our diverse selection of options and flavors, we aspire to enhance the senior living experience, one delectable bite at a time.


Active Adult Analysis Report

Individually Wrapped Desserts

Recipes & More!

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Manifesto Break n Bake Cookies

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It all goes back to Sandy Solmon’s 2-bay garage, making classic American cookies striking the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and artfulness. This lead to the creation of our Manifesto Cookies and a full line of Manifesto Individually Wrapped Desserts.

We are all about simple indulgence and that is what our cookies bring. 

  • Permissible Indulgence: Our ManifestoⓇ Cookies are baked with wholesome ingredient to feel good about.
  • Versatility & Texture: Our 1oz cookies have more versatility and texture due to their size and shape, perfect for more creative and varied serving options. 
  • Comfort & Sharing: Cookies are often associated with comfort and nostalgia, providing a sense of warmth and familiarity.
  • Convenience: Simply break off a cube of dough, bake and enjoy.

Our Manifesto® line of treats made with ingredients that are clean and GMO free. Every batch of our hand crafted, ManifestoⓇ Break N’ Bake™ Cookies starts with our all-butter dough, free of additives and GMO’s, mixed with sustainable chocolates, cage free eggs. Made just for you with lots of love. 

Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Manifesto®, Break N’ Bake™ Cookie + Salted Caramel Crunch Manifesto®, Break N’ Bake™ Cookie

Break em’. Bake em’. Love em’!

When it comes to serving ManifestoⓇ Break N’ Bake™ cookies, there are several approaches you can take to ensure they are enjoyable and presentable. Here are some ideas:

  • Weddings – Having smaller cookies at weddings can be a delightful and versatile for dessert options. Ways to include them in the weddings can be cookie shooters. With their unique presentation, guests can add an element of fun and interactivity to the dessert experience. They make perfect for wedding guest gifts. Guests will have something tasty to enjoy and remember your wedding by. Lastly, cookie assortment boxes for bridesmaids.
  • Gatherings/Parties – Break n Bake Cookies are perfect for gatherings and parties due to their versatility, bite-size nature, and simplicity. You can decorate them and add garnishes like sprinkles, powered sugar, chocolate drizzle, tiny marshmallows, and whipped cream to enhance the visual appeal. Our Break n Bake cookies also make the perfect bite-size ice cream cookies sandwiches. The smaller size ensures that the cookie doesn’t overpower the ice cream filling and they are more manageable to hold, especially when the ice cream starts to melt, reducing the mess and making it easier to eat the sandwich without it falling apart.
  • School Events – Cookies at school events can be a fun and creative way to enhance the overall experience to have everyone be involved. They are easy to share, versatile, and make an excellent snack option for a range of school events such as a classroom party, fundraising event, or dance event.
  • Birthdays – This dessert is perfect or birthdays because they contribute to a memorable and enjoyable birthday celebration for guests all ages. These can be placed on trays or platters for self-serve or individually wrapped for party favors. These also work well as part of a treat station setup or dessert table!

Baking Instructions

  1. Line an appropriate sized sheet pan with parchment paper.
  2. Place frozen cookie puck topped side up (course sugar or particulates) on baking sheet and arrange (4 of a half tray, 9 on a full tray) on baking tray.
  3. Preheat oven to the desired temperature before baking.
  4. Convection oven (hot forced air) – Set at 300° F, high fan setting (if adjustable). Bake for 11 minutes.

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Breakfast All-Day

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Morning routines generally consist of rolling out of bed, throwing on any clean clothes, grabbing a hot cup of coffee, and heading right out the door. The last thing on your mind is eating, especially dessert. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Maple Bacon Xango’s anyone?

With time in the office or remote days at home, purchasing breakfast from restaurants and other foodservice venues have been beginning to pick up again. McDonald’s CFO, Kevin Ozan stated that breakfast  represented about 25% of the chain’s overall sales. For years, breakfast in the restaurant industry was standard bacon, toast, and eggs. Now there is a push for a more inventive offering. So what do you say, all-day breakfast? Egg-cellent! 

Reasons to upsell breakfast at your restaurant:

Early morning indulgence

Creative breakfast options

Breakfast appeals to all

More affordable alternative to dinner as a social occasion

Savory XANGOS- Your Solution to All-day Breakfast

Today, guests are explorers hungry for exciting new flavors while treasuring traditional and familiar formats. ManifestoⓇ SAVORY XANGOS™ are a modernly curated discovery of delicious regional flavors, from Central America and the Middle East to the Mediterranean. Aromatic spices, fresh herbs, naturally vibrant vegetables and smooth cage-free egg flan authentically meld in our iconic, crispy and golden tortilla. Free GMO’s and all things artificial.

Why Savory XANGOS?

What is a Savory XANGO?

  • Savory, cage-free egg flan
  • Roasted veggies and toasted spices
  • Flaky, golden pastry-like tortilla
  • Creamy, herbed cheeses

-Mediterranean Manifesto® Savory XANGOS™

Roasted red peppers, kale and caramelized onions paired with a savory cage-free egg flan seasoned with thyme, nutmeg and dijon. Finished with the creaminess of herbed feta filling rolled in a crisp, golden tortilla.

Inspired by the Mediterranean Frittata

Tradition: a delicious combo of cultures and cooking methods- eggs are beaten to a fluff as garden-fresh veggies and savory cheeses are folded in. Slowly baked in a firewood oven, until ready to be served al fresco with the entire family.

-Southwest Salsa Verde Manifesto® Savory XANGOS™

Mild spice of salsa verde- fire roasted tomatillos, Serrano and Bell peppers, sauteed onions – and crunchy tortilla chip crumbles layered and cooled by a smooth, savory blend of cheeses with roasted garlic and cayenne pepper. Wrapped in a crisp, golden tortilla.

Inspired by Chilaquiles

Tradition: For hundreds of years Mesoamerican families have sun-dried leftover tortillas and used them for breakfast the next day- providing a way to stretch resources while making a satisfying meal. In this dish, the crunchy tortillas are simmered in a sauce to soften and topped with favorites.

-Roasted Tomato Feta Manifesto® Savory XANGOS™

A mixture of smoked tomato, roasted red peppers, chilies, onions, and toasted Middle Eastern spices are layered with a smooth cage-free egg flan ribboned with fresh kale and crumbled feta. Wrapped in a crisp, golden tortilla.

Inspired by Shakshuka

Tradition: ingredients slowly cook on an open fire throughout the morning. As loved ones gather for brunch, the cast iron skillet is placed amidst a courtyard dining table for shared comfort and nourishment.

Reasons to love Manifesto® Savory XANGOS™?

Trending Flavors = Bold Solution

Individually Wrapped = No Waste

Versatile, Pre-oiled = Operationally Friendly

Familiar Format = On-The-Go Convenience

Purposeful Ingredients= Better-for-me Meal

For more, all things ManifestoⓇ Savory XANGOS™, click here.

More All-Day Breakfast Options

Breakfast comfort meets adventure. These decant recipes go beyond the usual pancakes, french toast, and waffles. There’s no need to wait until evening to indulge. Functional ingredients are flavoring the breakfast list. As breakfast makes a comeback, these meals can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Breakfast foods for dinner are most popular with consumers, at 59%, followed by lunch (49%), as a snack (39%) and for dessert (20%).

Maple Bacon Xangos

More than 2 decades have passed since our legendary Cheesecake XANGOSⓇ hit the scene. The momentous discovery of the cheesecake-filled crispy, golden tortilla dessert, dubbed the after-dinner “missing link”, forever changed the dining experience. 

Get brunch’d up with our Maple Bacon XANGOS® ! Rich, smooth cheesecake spread with crème fraiche. Top with cinnamon sugar w/ granola, crumbled with bacon and strawberries.

Click here for Maple Bacon Xango ingredients

Bonus page for more XANGOS® recipes and ideas. 

French Toast Pullmans

These French Toast Pullmans have breakfast written all over it. They’re free from GMO’s and all things artificial; additives, colors and flavors. Click here to learn more about our sustainable sourcing and ingredient initiatives.

A mainstay of breakfast, brunch and break indulgence is our Pullman Loaves:

  • Purposeful, better-for-you ingredients
  • Thaw and serve, ready to indulge
  • Comforting flavors and format
  • Versatile, breakfast, grab-and-go, plated, parfait, grilled, catering, etc.

Why All-Day Breakfast?

55% of diners love breakfast all-day and say they’d order breakfast items at any time if they were offered, Restaurant Management Statistics, 2022. No more complicated cooking methods or decisions about what dishes to rely on these streamlined plates featuring savory, smooth, and authentic dishes. You can be assured that these ingredients are savory, wholesome, and packed with nutrients. Making it more convenient to serve at your restaurant for all-day breakfast indulgence. That’s the power of exceptional food.

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